OFFER believes that all children have a right to personal dignity and protection from abuse, and it recognizes the special responsibility and duty of care it bears to create a safe environment for children within the projects and programmes it manages and supports.


Orphans Sponsorship Programme is one of the pillars of OFFER. It was initially very basic; sponsored orphans received only cash sponsorship payments. Started with just a little over 10 orphans in Calicut city in 1998, OFFER now sponsors almost 8000 orphans across 11 states and 1 Union Territory in India. The program has also been completely linked to banks, better services and care for the beneficiaries.


Our Orphan sponsorship programme ensures sponsored child receives support through every phase of his or her young life. It provides health care to help our child stay healthy. Our sponsored child will also receive basic necessities like school uniforms, tuition or supplies so that poverty doesn’t stand in the way of their education. We also provide new dress at the time Eid/ Onam not only to the sponsored child, but also to the entire family.


What are the main Objectives of this Sponsorship Programme?


  • To facilitate access to basic education to all sponsored children of school age
  • To maintain/improve the overall physical and mental health of sponsored children.
  • To provide extracurricular activities in order to build social skills of sponsored children.
  • To improve the livelihoods of orphan children through the provision of monthly financial supplements.


What Support does an Orphan get through this Sponsorship programme?


  • Monthly Payment to the beneficiary bank account
  • Ensuring the education 
  • Providing referrals for legal and healthcare services
  • Couselling and Support
  • Long term future growth and provided by referrals
  • A small support on the marriage of beneficiaries
  • Provide them with value added services like socio-cultural enhancement apart from monthly supplements




                           A cheerful and zealous Subeena, says with a vibrant smile and spark in her eyes. “Six years from now, you will see me become a Doctor, In Sha Allah (Allah willing)!” Subeena lives with her mother Aameena, who does daily wages labour and her sister studying Biotechnology. Her Mother's minimal income never covers family expenses and but luckily Subeena's sponsorship money from Muslim Aid Rainbow Family Program through OFFER helped them to meet the expenses up to an extent, to fulfill the present day needs. Moving ahead in life, Subeena passed her 12th class with distinction and is pursuing her second year of Nursing. The family is thus grateful to Allah (SWT) for their well-being, for the countless blessings that Allah (SWT) has bestowed upon them. The family's condition was not always the same. About 3 years ago, Aameena and her daughters faced the toughest time of their life. The catastrophe of her husband's death was worsened by her in laws disowning her and her daughters.     


    It was at this juncture that OFFER found this family with Muslim Aid Rainbow Family programme, to restore the dignity of family. Subeena was sponsored and the burden of the mother could be eased to an extent! Four years of support and care could help the family grow from the state of vulnerability to the state of strength and confidence. Here's what the Subeena has to say to the donor….. “Thank you for making me what I am today! It would never have been possible to give life to my dreams without this support. I will make my family, you and all well –wishers proud, In Sha Allah (Allah willing)!