Project Name

Humanitarian Support to Flood Affected People in Katihar District, India

Project Location

Katihar District, State of Bihar, India

Project Budget (Reporting Currency)





Heavy and continuous rainfall from 20-30 July led to widespread flooding in Bihar, especially in Kathihar District. 61 people had died and over 2.9 million people were affected across 12 districts. As per government reports, farm produce on 1.20 lakh hectares of land was damaged. Water logging in affected areas had damaged a large number of semi-pucca house (mud &brick houses) houses of the poorest in the community.  80% of those with damaged houses sought refuge in temporary shelters. Shelters especially mud and bamboo were destroyed or damaged. Transport services and electricity supplies were disrupted. Drinking water points were submerged. 

As a result of damage of houses most people lost everything in their possession e.g. utensils, household NFIs etc. Floods impacted the social excluded communities, elderly, pregnant and lactating women and children. Water sources such as (open wells, etc) were submerged in flood water. Therefore, access to Safe drinking water and non-food items including temporary shelter was urgently needed.

 Looking at the emerging humanitarian crisis, OFFER decided to respond in the crisis. The primary goal of the response was to provide humanitarian assistance to most vulnerable flood affected families of Azamannagar block of Katihar district.

Project Goal and Specific Objectives:

Goal: Immediate humanitarian assistance will be provided to 1,895 of the most vulnerable and poor flood-affected households in Katihar district in Bihar - through the provision of WASH and Shelter Support.

  • 1,895 flood affected HH's have access to temporary shelter.
  • 1,000 HH's will have safe access to water from 200 disinfected water sources.
  • 1,895 flood affected HH's have access to safe water and hygiene kits to help prevent / lower the incidence of public health risks.               


Actual Achievements:

  • OFFER immediately mobilised its disaster response team and positioned a high capacity water filtration plant (funded by IR UK in 2014), so that affected families can access safe drinking water. 100 HHs benefited through installation of water filtration for two months.
  • 1,904 HHs against the target of 1,895 HHs were supported with hygiene kit and temporary shelter kit.
  • 250 water points were chlorinated and disinfected that benefitted 1,000 HHs.
  • Additionally, 52 HHs were supported with winterisation materials.


The project targeted 186 women headed household, 59 persons with disability, 22 orphans and 113 aged with negligible support system.

All stakeholders which including: local administration, representatives of local self-government, representatives of community based organisation, Public Health Engineering Department, school authorities and most importantly, flood affected communities were consulted and engaged throughout the project which helped to achieve the project goal.